Wipers: how to find a model suitable for your car?

Wipers: how to find a model suitable for your car?

Most of the time, in the reference manuals or on the back of the wiper blade packages, the list of vehicles with which they are compatible is indicated. Still, on cars not widely available, finding the right wipers can be a headache.

If it is recommended to go to a dealer to buy the correct model or to obtain the correct reference. It is possible by measuring the length of the wipers, the position of the binding and making sure that the attachment system is similar, to buy a wipers without disposing of it. You can buy wipers premium 2 Years Back warranty blades on 4S Professional (then click link https://www.4sprofessional.com). The brand highest series EXTREME SILICA Wiper Series backed with 2 Years Limited Warranty. There is another series Aero Silicone but with 1 year warranty so buy that suit your budget.

It is important not to neglect the quality of the silicone wiper blades and their service life. It is a safety organ influencing the visibility, especially in bad weather. While they are replaced on average only every twenty months, it is estimated that the life of the brooms at one year for a car used daily, even if the life has progressed since the arrival of soft wipers, more aesthetic and more resistant, but also more expensive. The most important thing is to change them when the sweep leaves traces, areas not wiped, water streaks, emits a friction noise or shows jerky movements. And, even if the periodicity of replacement is more important than the season to which we replace the brooms, it is better to plan this intervention early in the fall. The heat and the sun have dried out the rubber and on the eve of heavy showers and winter temperatures, the windshield sweeping should be optimal. Note that there are wiper developed for the winter, their rubber is specially designed to withstand the cold.

How to make your wipers last

To increase the service life of the brushes, in addition to regularly cleaning the windshield and blades with a damp cloth, especially in winter when driving on salt roads. It is advisable not to put alcohol or household products in the windshield washer reservoir, as these products will discolor and cause the wipers to hail. And, if it is imperative to remove them from the glass surface before operating the wipers when it freezes so as not to tear the rubber. It is better to clear snow from the windshield to avoid damage to the arms or the engine. And in summer, the sun’s rays crack the rubber and high temperatures can stick it to the windshield: it is better to wait until the windshield is wet to operate the comodo.

It remains to mount the broom on the arms of the wipers. And that can seem tedious. The ease of installation, however, varies from model to model. In any case, do not force on the wiper arm whose shape is studied to exert some pressure on the windshield. Also be careful of the return of the arms which, once raised, can return violently in position and damage the windshield.

If the operation seems complicated, do not hesitate to ask one of the technicians from the garage or car center where you bought the Extreme Silica wipers to install them. It will cost you a smile and, perhaps, a small room.