Useful information: transcription of the VIN machine code

Useful information: transcription of the VIN machine code

Due to mass production of a large number of vehicle models it is necessary to carry out accounting and identification such as BMW VIN lookup. This also applies to issues of service organization and car ownership. Already at the dawn of the automotive industry, each company introduced special identification marks and numbers that are printed on main parts: chassis, bodywork, engine, and the like.

The globalization processes of the global economy has led to the need for the emergence of international standards in the designation of the vehicle. Deciphering the VIN code allows you to set all the basic information on the technical and legal nature of the machine. The practice shows that the search for the stolen vehicle by means of such an identifier gives the best results. The use of such a system under the conditions of appearance and the rapid development of information technologies and the World Wide Web is particularly convenient.

International administration system identification stages

Standardization in this area began in the 1980s of the last century. Until that time, each manufacturer has its own vehicle marking system. Thus, the seven-digit VIN code “Audi” decoding, can determine the chassis number of the car, the date of its release, as well as some of the model specifications.


These numbers are applied to the body, and some are very large and expensive units of the machine. Since 1983, the year has decided to move to a new identification system, the same for all car manufacturers. The ID was introduced by the international standard ISO 3779-1983, the founders of which were 24 countries. The system has been remarkably complicated and has 17 characters. In addition, in addition to the numbers, the letters were introduced.

List of aggregates subject to mandatory identification has been reduced. If previously the number was applied to the body, chassis and engine, now only the first node is marked. The International Organization for Standardization has adopted a position, and our country is part of it. This will bring domestic automotive industry products to international markets.

Positioning of VIN-code

Rather strictly regulated rules regulate the entry identification number in official documents and on the product. First, regardless of the code writing method: spaces are not allowed in one or two lines. The face is used all the Arabic numbers from 0 to 9, as well as almost all the letters of the Latin alphabet, with the exception of three: I, O and Q. This is to avoid confusion – their recollection shape.

Deciphering the VIN code “Mercedes”, the announcement is a special area in the front passenger seat, it can be made on the basis of the official manufacturer of the computer. Furthermore, this number is duplicated on the appropriate plate located on the front of a shelf under the hood or on the right vertical pillar in the lower part.

BMW VIN-code: positioning on the machine and above all reading

The Bavarian company has offices and companies in the European Union, North America, Russia and Southeast Asia. Each branch has its own brand. Thus, companies located in the New World, marked by figures 1.4 and 5, as well as the letter of the Roman alphabet U. Deciphering Wine-code BMW, starting from the earliest signs, gives an idea of ​​the geographical position of a plant of assembly.

The third position defines the class of the vehicle, and the following four describe the technical characteristics of the model. Special code prescribes the type of bodywork of the vehicle, the number of cylinders and the type of engine, and above all – a model. The marking is carried out in place established by the manufacturer, i.e., on the rear wall of the engine compartment, under the rear seat on the processor cover and on the outside of the wheel housing.

VIN-code: application technology

The practice of applying different types of markings on components and individual parts has a long history. The main task of them is a reliable product identification and complication of fakes. Deciphering the VIN-code provides the most complete information about the machine. The basic technology of applying to the metal body – a stamping. Number thrown away by a special cliché. Counterfeiting in this case is only possible by replacing the large fragment or an entire part.

Opel VIN-code: basic information and position

Marking of bodies is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the international standard. special tables developed by the group’s specialists, made decryption code wines. “Opel” has two signs: one under the bonnet, the other at the doors opposite the castle under a mutual member. Also, the numbers stamped on the panel under the windshield frame and radiator cooling system.

Toyota VIN-code: offers accommodation

Japanese manufacturer and its subsidiaries adhere to the conventional vehicle identification system. special tables and databases produced wines of decryption code. “Toyota” has a standard occupation marking: on the front side of the engine compartment and under the driver’s feet.

Some features of the application of the rules

Practice shows that most car manufacturers rather strictly adhere to the labeling rules of their products. However, here too there are a number of features. Thus, the European subsidiary of the company “Ford” introduced further identification of the release time of the data. Specify the month and year of manufacture is carried out on the 10th and 11th position of the VIN-code. other companies have similar deviations.


The main objectives of registration of the vehicle

At first, when car production was small, there was no need to take any special measures. The increase in production volumes, as well as the variety of models, have contributed to this need. However, the solution of technological problems – not the only area. Deciphering the VIN code reveals accessory transport and its legal status. The presence of a large number of parts greatly complicates the use and resale of stolen vehicles.