Tips for buying an electric bicycle

Tips for buying an electric bicycle

Electric versions of traditional means of transport are efficient and clean solutions for those who care about the environment and the pollution of their cities. Elcyklar have become essential for many who decide to move from one place to another in a clean way daily. But are all electric bicycles suitable for the cities? The answer is negative. Currently there are many models that we can set, but only a few will meet our expectations.

If you are a beginner in purchasing of bicycles, we want to give you some tips that will help you when buying this sustainable means of transport. Moving around the city was never so easy!

Practical tips

To begin, we will make clear what advantages and what disadvantages electric bicycles have . The main advantage of this type of bicycle is the help or assistance in pedaling. You can travel a greater distance without having to tire, climb hills with help and move almost at the same speed as a car in the city. So you will avoid uncomfortable encounters with them.

This help will depend on the type of bicycle, its battery and the speed that it can reach. Most of the current electric bicycles offer a sufficient assistance to the pedale as to face rises without effort.


Regarding the drawbacks, electric bicycles are somewhat heavier than traditional bicycles. For some, its high price can also be a reason for rejection (we want to think that it is an investment, since in the long run, the saving compared to other means of transport is considerable). In addition, these bicycles require more maintenance. Caring for the battery will be essential if you want it to last longer.

What type of bicycle do I choose?

The range of electric bicycles is as wide as the range of traditional bicycles. You can find a ride, mountain or folding. At this point, you will have to assess what use you are going to give the bicycle. Do you want to explore the city or the mountain? Do you have little room at home? Do you want to keep it in your work? If you are going to give an urban use and you do not have much room at home, it is best to opt for a folding bike. If you prefer to go on routes out of town, get a mountain bike.

What price do electric bicycles have?

We return to the subject of investment. And, as we have said, we consider that buying an electric bicycle means investment for the future. The savings compared to the car, for example, is quite considerable. You just have keep in mind that an electric bicycle is an investment.