2018 Dodge Demon

2018 Dodge Demon muscle car is a special zipper. 2018 Dodge comes with a standard V-8 loaded 6.2-liter 808 hp handle equipped with the devil demolished quarter miles for 9.65 seconds at 140km / h, the Dodge collar. Weight loss measures have been taken as far as possible, and also passenger seats are voluntary.

2018 Dodge Demon Performance

2018 Dodge most of its steam was reported during a 12-week launch which leads to the assembly line auto show sporting a wide body kit, a custom drawstring hanger custom and a motor that provides 808 horsepower. This V-8 supercharged 6.2L is a development of 707-horses, but enhanced internal components and fan screw supplier tuned to 14.5 pounds traction larger liters. The car comes in four friction radii, but the automatic eight speed only rotates the rear wheels with regard to shipments, this has the first transmission brake on a production car more than one piece, as well as some other drag-and-drop Dodge Demon.

2018 Dodge Demon Interior

2018 Dodge creep into the burnout box and activate the line lock to make a four to five-second fatigue. This means holding the left side of the steering wheel. Roll up the preparation lights and prepare the transport brake, which is always active and only available in the drag mode. Dodge Demon requires both feet and both hands crushed the brake pedal with its left foot and pull and hold both controls away a tab in the power line and for discharging the drive shaft and trans torque inches up the lite line release the brakes one of the paddles and brake pedal. At this time, the transport brake is still engaged and the only thing that keeps the car in place is one of their hands and feelings. The exhaust note is, but in fact, is a two-step on him as an anti-delay occurs only on the inlet side and not downstream of the exhaust Dodge 2018.

2018 Dodge Demon Specs
2018 Dodge Demon Specs