2018 BMW 3-Series

2018 BMW 3-Series classifies of the 20 luxury small cars. BMW has long built its brand and reputation with a combination of luxury and performance as few competitors have been able to emulate BMW 3-Series ranking points high in our small luxury cars.

2018 BMW 3-Series Interior

2018 BMW 3-Series seats five people in standard leather upholstery The front seats are comfortable and can be adjusted in many ways to find a suitable driving or driving position volunteer sports seats provide good overall support and a comfortable fit, which is ideal when testing the limits of the vehicle in curved backlash at the back, most passengers should find space to relax and enjoy the ride, however, at the back of the back seat will probably want more legroom.

2018 BMW 3-Series Performance

2018 BMW is one of the best overall artists in the class due to a wide range of engine options that provide good power. The turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder base is an exception, with only 180-horsepower a little power for the price and makes the 3-Series some cars in the class with less than 200-horsepower. An automatic transmission of eight speed is standard on all models of BMW 3-Series and ornaments and the six-speed manual is optional since the automatic transmission is changing quickly and smoothly and both gearboxes are limited high that BMW.

2018 BMW 3-Series Safety

BMW 3-Series a global five-star rating of the National Road Safety Administration with four five-star front crash tests earning five stars in side crash and rollover tests also perfectly done at the insurance institute for road safety assessments get the highest score in each crash test and superior safety enjoyable. 2018 BMW rivals also have excellent safety and ratings for crash tests are given the same qualifications as the 3-Series and get perfect results and maximum safety scored five stars but the four-star score in a frontal rock and tipping test gives the highest score in each crash test and sets BMW superior security.

2018 BMW 3-Series Redesign
2018 BMW 3-Series Redesign